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Fu Ying Advocates Active Implementation of Relevant Agreements and Consensuses Reached During Brown's Visit

On February 4, H.E. Mme. Ambassador Fu Ying attended the evening feast held by 48 Group Club at Grosvenor House Hotel, several ministers, MPs, more than 1,000 personnel from the industrial and commercial circles, and delegates of Chinese enterprises and student unions in UK also attended.

Fu Ying denoted: this year is the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and the 17th CPC Congress has put forward the new goal of making the per capital GDP of China reach 3,500 dollars by 2020 based on the achievements in the past 30 years.

Fu Ying pointed out: the Sino-UK relationship has been stably developing in the past 30 years and the Sino-UK cooperation is getting increasingly extensive and deep. Prime Minister Brown made a successful visit to China in the last month and achieved a series of important results, including signing 10 agreements, reaching 9 major consensuses, entering into contracts worth 0.8 billion dollars, attending 7 important events and deciding a new trade goal of 60 billion dollars. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao also put forward the 5 major fields for the Sino-UK cooperation, i.e. technology trade, joint R&D and innovation, energy and environmental protection, financial service, and intellectual property. The emphasis of our following work will be actively, completely and timely implementing relevant agreements and consensuses and realizing all goals set by both sides.

Fu Ying said: the Chinese Embassy in the UK will further bring into play its role as a bridge, adapt to and serve the demands in the development of both economies, promote the exchanges of information, experiences, technologies and personnel, and encourage the cooperation between companies, enterprises, higher education institutions and cities. In the context of globalization, information, knowledge and experiences are critical to the success of a project or investment; therefore, I am waiting to hear your new ideas and good suggestions on Sino-UK economic and trade cooperation.

Fu Ying said: this year will be a busy one for both countries. "China Now" will be initiated all over UK, the Olympic torch relay will be held in UK and the Beijing Olympic Games will attract the attention of many UK people. Tang Jiaxuan, State Councilor, will visit UK this month, and Miliband MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Darling MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, will visit China in the first half of this year. I hope 48 Group Club and men of insight in UK may grasp the historic opportunity for the comprehensive development of the Sino-UK relationship, carry forward the tradition of pioneering innovation, and create a new era for Sino-UK economic and trade cooperation.

Fu Ying also introduced the serious snowstorm in South China and denoted: the snowstorm discloses some problems existing in China as a developing country, but it also displays the spirit of the Chinese that they are united and unafraid of difficulties and reflects the human-oriented and livelihood-concerned ruling concept of Chinese leaders. Fu Ying thanked Miliband MP and other UK friends for their sympathy and solicitude to the snowstorm victims in China and considered that disaster prevention and mitigation and crisis management would become a major sector in the future cooperation between China and developed countries.

Mr. Perry Jr. of 48 Group Club delivered a heart-warming speech and denoted that the expansion of the scale of the new year evening feast from only more than 20 guests to more than 1,000 guests this year reflects the increasing interest and favourable impression of all circles in the UK toward China. 48 Group Club and personnel of UK industrial and commercial circles think that Chinese leasers plays a mainstay leading role in the fight against the snowstorm, he asked Fu Ying to convey their concern, sympathy and support to the snowstorm victims in China.

Fu Ying also expressed her congratulations to the winners of KPMG Business Award-Oxford Instruments, Green Power Co., Ltd. and UK Technology Centre of SAIC.