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Fu Ying gave Interview to BBC on China's Disaster Relief Measures to Snow Havoc

On February 1, H.E. Mme. Ambassador Fu Ying gave an interview to BBC on the Chinese Government's fight against snow havoc.

According to Fu Ying, the snow havoc has affected 19 provinces and autonomous regions, delayed nearly 2,900 trains, held more than 5.8 million passengers and killed 60 people.

The Chinese state leaders have been concerned about the disaster-hit area. on January 31, President Hu Jintao conveyed greetings to the miners down a block over 400 meters underground while inspecting coal production and supply of coal-fired electric power. On January 28-30, Premier Wen Jiabao inspected disaster relief measures and passenger transport during the Spring Festival period in Hunan and Guangdong. Affected by bad weather, it was unknown where to land when the special plane of the premier took off. Within less than two day upon returning to Beijing, Premier Wen Jiabao went back to the disaster-hit areas to provide guidance on disaster relief.

Fu Ying said that the Chinese Government has attached great importance to the snow havoc. The State Council has established an emergency commanding center to coordinate the transportation of coal, electricity and oil and to ensure local people's normal living. The governments and departments at various levels have taken immediate actions. 250,000 officers and soldiers of the People's Liberation Army have also actively taken part in disaster relief. With the help of various parties, the disaster situations of some seriously-hit areas have been eased, and the number of passengers delayed has dropped.

Fu Ying said that according to weather forecast, the disaster-hit areas will continue to be affected by bad weather in the next few days and the disaster relief measures will be continuously carried out. Fu Ying believed that the Chinese government would be able to lead its people in overcoming the hardships brought along by snow havoc. "When disaster strikes, help come from all sides". We are grateful to all circles in the UK for their sympathy and support and their sincere condolence towards the victims of the disaster.