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Comments by Embassy Spokesperson Liu Weimin

China has brought the Olympic torch to London on behalf of the Chinese people and people of the world. The Olympic spirit is about, among others, peace, reconciliation, and understanding. This day is for London.

With regard to the reported incident in Garze, Sichuan, the details are still being investigated. According to current information, some government officials were attacked, one seriously wounded. Police were forced to fire warning shots. The casualty of the attackers is not yet confirmed. One thing is for sure: the law in China does not allow shooting people just for shouting slogans.

People interested in China's human rights may try to get balanced information. China is a developing country in reform. Its human rights are the best in history and are still improving with greater awareness of the Chinese people. If people have an opinion on any specific human rights case, they are welcome to raise it. China will continue to move on.