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Princess Royal talks about Beijing Olympics with Ambassador Mme Fu Ying

On February 20th, H.E. Mme Fu Ying went to the Buckingham Palace and met with Princess Royal.

Fu Ying welcomed the Princess to participate in 2008 Beijing Olympics, and they discussed relevant arrangements. Fu Ying said, the preparatory works of Beijing Olympics have been undergoing well. Not only the Government, business sector and the sports circle are actively preparing for it, but also the entire Chinese people are looking forward to it. The excitement is full of every corner of Beijing, everyone, old or young, is learning English very hard trying to contribute to the Olympics. She believes that this will be a high-level sports event with unique features.

Princess Royal talked about her earlier sports experiences, sentiments on Olympics and her care on British athletes. She said, Olympics are sports event with rich contents. It is a platform for people to people communications going beyond sports competition. A successful Olympics in Beijing will play positive influence on 2012 London Olympics. She recalled her visit to China in 2005, when she noticed tremendous developments and changes. She is supportive of the increasing exchanges and cooperation between the sports circles of two countries.

Princess Royal and Fu Ying talked about the upcoming torch relay of 29th Olympic Games in London in April. Princess Royal said, the torch relay is a big event. She remembered that before the Athens Olympic Games, the torch relay was held in London where people from all walks of life were so interested in the event that a large number of them were on the ground. She believed it would be the same case this time.

Princess Royal is a member of IOC, President of British Olympic Association as well as President of Save the Children Foundation. Princess Royal briefed Fu Ying on the work of the foundation, and said it wished to participate in programes and activities related to helping children in difficulties in China.