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Speech at China in London 2008 Reception

China in London 2008 Reception

Fu Ying 2-6


Ms. Judith Woodwards, Senior Advisor to the Mayor of London,

Mr. Shu Xiaofeng, Deputy Director General of Beijing Municipal Administration of Culture Heritage

Other Distinguished Guests and Friends:


On this New Year's Eve, I wish everybody a Happy Year of Rat.


Congratulations to London on hosting 'China in London' again. I do hope you will continue to host this event and that we can do more on this together.


China understands the Western world through how Westerners look at China. I hope the journalists will report more on the Western perspective on China.


To celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival, there will be performances in Trafalgar Square for 500, 000 people. I'd like to thank all the people and performers who have worked hard to prepare for this celebration. The Chinese traditions will continue to support this event.


This is the year of Rat. Rat is the first of the 12 Shengxiao, maybe because there are so many.

One of the characteristics of Rat is diligence. Another characteristic of Rat is prudence. This is particularly relevant in the current financial situation.


Diligence is very important to 'China Now' which features over 800 programs and requires lots of work.


How could the organizers possibly manage 800 programs? One cannot but wonder. But I am quite sure it will be a success.


Prime Minister Brown on his visit to China said that cultural exchange would be the main subject of his meetings with Chinese leaders. Both leaders agreed that cultural exchange should be the best way to promote mutual understanding between people of the two countries.


I want to thank organizers and sponsors of both 'China in London' and 'China Now' for their efforts and work.


There is an ancient saying in China that a nation grows stronger and more prosperous in the time of danger. China is now at such a time.


Spring Festival is a time for family reunion. 150 million people in China were on the road. They need to go home in time for the Spring Festival. However, heavy snow fell the southern part of China for days and weeks. The traffic was stuck by snow and ice. Trains were stopped. Many were stranded in bus and train stations. But the nation was united. 1 million police and soldiers were fighting against the bad weather. Farmer workers were evacuated. Chinese leaders visited the disaster stricken areas.


Sympathy and support came from overseas, including the U.K.  government.


I'm happy that things have now got better and the country can emerge wiser by learning the lessons.


London has got good weather. I wish you a bright and sunny New Year.