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Chinese Embassy Holds a Reception for IMO

In the evening of November 21, H.E. Mme. Ambassador Fu Ying and Xu Zuyuan, Vice Minister of Communications of P.R. China, jointly held a reception in the Chinese Embassy in the UK for the 25th Conference of International Maritime Organization (IMO). More than 300 guests attended, including Efthimios E Mitropoulos, Secretary-General of IMO, heads of delegations for the 25th Conference of IMO, permanent representatives to IMO and diplomatic envoys. During the reception, hosts and guests exchanged opinions on strengthening international maritime cooperation and the topics of the 25th conference.

The 25th Conference of IMO is held in London from November 19 to 30. The major topics include electing new council member, approving financial budget and work plan for next year, discussing reports and suggestions by all professional committees and foreign affairs conference since the 24th Conference of IMO, revising the convention of IMO and passing resolutions on relevant issues. Mr. Zha Peixin, Chairman of the 24th Conference of IMO and former Chinese Ambassador to the UK, presided over the opening ceremony of the 25th Conference.

IMO is a special agency of the United Nations in charges of maritime safety and security, preventing the ships from marine pollution with 167 Member States. Based in London, it was founded on January 6, 1959, with original name as Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization, and was renamed as IMO in May 1982. China resumed its membership in 1973 and has been Category A council member of IMO since 1989.