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Fu Ying Meets Principal of DLA Piper UK LLP

On September 26, H.E. Mme. Fu Ying met The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean, Principal of DLA Piper UK LLP. They discussed how to promote the bilateral trade and investment between China and UK.

Symons introduced that DLA Piper UK LLP is the No. 3 legal service provider in the world and it has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. It mainly provides legal services in such fields as the tax, finance, commerce, intellectual property rights and media. It has a lot trade and legal experts and has abundant experiences in the communication and coordination with WTO, EU and the government departments of all countries, dealing with trade protectionism and anti-dumping lawsuits. Symons expressed willing to provide such services to China.

Fu Ying noted that the international community had not enough understanding of the development direction of China and the conditions in all fields at present; she hoped that DLA Piper UK LLP could help the Chinese enterprises to build good international images. China has abundant foreign exchange reserves and encourages Chinese enterprises to "go abroad" and invest and do businesses in the whole world. London is the financial centre of the world and is an ideal place for the companies to get listed, she hoped that DLA Piper UK LLP could provide consultancy and help to the Chinese enterprises on their investment and getting listed in UK.

Symons noted that China is a great and important country and it is important to keep good economic and trade relations with China, DLA Piper UK LLP is willing to help the Chinese enterprises to actively get into the international economic system.

Website of DLA Piper UK LLP: http://www.dlapiper.com