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Fu Ying Attends Labour Party Conference 2007

From September 23 to September 24, H.E. Mme. Ambassador Fu Ying attended the annual Labour Party Conference of UK, the governing party, held in Bournemouth, she talked with David Miliband MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Des Browne MP, Secretary of State for Defence and Secretary of State for Scotland, Angela Eagle MP, Exchequer Secretary, Ben Chapman MP, chairman of the all-Party Parliamentary China-Group, Jeffrey Ennis MP and Nigel Griffiths MP and listened to the speech of Prime Minister Brown on the meeting the session for the environment issues.

Miliband said that with the increasing advancement of the international status and international influence of China, the UK public was paying more and more attention to China, and the discussions about China inside the Labour Party were also continuously increasing. On the one hand, they welcome the development of China and hoped to expand the cooperation with China in such fields as economy and trade, on the other hand, they are keen to know how such developing countries as China and India address problems as climate change hoping that China can play greater role in the international affairs.

Fu Ying introduced the environment policies and the environmental harness in China, she said that the Chinese government and people had a complete understanding of the importance of the environment and actively took all kinds of measures, including making the target for the rate of decrease of the energy consumption for each unit GDP and putting forward the plan for the development of sustainable forests. At the same time, China is a country with a population of 1.3 billion, though the overall emission amount is still increasing, the per capital emission is far lower than the developed western countries. Many problems occur in the development of China can be settled through development. China is willing to carry out more cooperation with UK in such aspects as the joint research and development and the transfer of environmental protection technologies.

The Labour Party Conference 2007 began on September 23 and lasted 5 days, about 2,500 members of the Labour Party and representatives of all walks of life participated in the meeting. On September 24, Gordon Brown made his first speech in the conference as Prime Minister. He elaborated on the policies and guidelines of the Labour Party in such aspects as education, housing, medial care, immigration and social security and the standpoints of the Labour Party in such issues as anti-terrorism and African.