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Fu Ying Attended the Luncheon Held by Asia House

On 10 July 2007, Ambassador Fu Ying was invited to the business luncheon held by Asia House and addressed the participants. About 30 representatives from British major enterprises, banks and media were present.

Charles Smith, Chairman of Asia House, delivered a speech to welcome Ambassador Fu Ying and introduced the progress and prospect of Sino-UK cooperation. He said that Chinese economic development has drawn the attention of the world and China is playing an important role in international affairs, people of all walks of lives in UK have strong interest in cooperating with China.

Fu Ying expressed her appreciation for Asia House's contribution to publicize Asian culture and promoting cultural and economic exchanges between Asia and Europe. She pointed out that the Sino-UK relations are now the "best-ever", she wishes to further promote the development of bilateral relations during her tenure. She has established extensive contact with various circles in UK since she took office to understand the situation and listen to opinions, and she is willing to provide information and build a bridge for enterprises of the two countries.

Fu Ying mentioned although Chinese economic development has made great achievements, China still faces challenges of maintaining sustained, steady and healthy economic development, safeguarding social stability, reinforcing environmental protection, combating corruption and building a clean government, which also create opportunities for Sino-British cooperation.

Expanding import and foreign investment are the main focus of Chinese foreign trade policy. Last month Bo Xilai, Minister of Commerce of China introduced the related policies at Sino-British Joint Economic and Trade Committee. British new Prime Minister Gordon Brown plans to visit China this year, China-UK investment & trade fair will be held during his visit. As UK has preponderance in terms of hi-tech, energy saving and environmental protection and service sector and so on, there are great potentials for cooperation between the two countries.

Cultural exchanges are another key area of Sino-British relations. Promoting mutual understanding between the two peoples is the foundation for deepening the bilateral cooperation in all fields. Emperor Qingshihuang's terra cotta warriors and horses will be exhibited in the British Museum in September, and other events such as China-UK Internet media forum and "China Now" will be held in UK next year to support the Olympic Games, all of which will provide a good platform for bilateral exchange and cooperation.

Fu Ying replied to questions of the challenges to China, China-UK two-way investments, cultural and educational exchanges, media reports, cooperation on Olympics, Sino-US relations and Chinese socialist ideology.

Established in 1996, Asia House is a non-profit non governmental organization promoting cultural, religious and economic exchanges among Asia and Europe. It is made up of two groups of "enterprise" and "culture". The group of "enterprise" often holds forums participated by governments, scholars and British business circles to present policies and information on trade and investment.