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Fu Ying Attended Welcome Luncheon of Great Brain China Center

Great Britain China Center held a welcome luncheon for Ambassador Fu Ying on 28 June, which was hosted by Lord Geoffery Howe, honorary Chairman, former Foreign Secretary. Many "old friends" having long-term cooperation with China were present.

During the luncheon, the participants talked freely about the historical changes and current opportunities of bilateral relations. Lord Howe recalled his experience of participating in the negotiations on Hong Kong handover, considering the success of Hong Kong today proves the wisdom of Late Deng Xiaoping and correctness of China and Britain to resolve Hong Kong issue through negotiation.

Established in 1974, Great Britain China Center is a semi-official organization sponsored by Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development, committing itself to friendly exchanges between China and UK in the fields of politics, economy and trade, culture, education and judicature. It has been actively promoting judicial exchange and cooperation between the two counties and developed many "judge training" projects in partnership with Ministry of Justice of China in recent years.