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The Chinese Embassy Held a Reception in Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover to China

The Chinese Embassy held a reception in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong handover to China on 27 June,2007. More than 200 guests from British government, Parliament and business circles including Sir Geoffrey Howe, Former Foreign Secretary, Ben Chapman, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary China Group, Baroness Lydia Selina Dunn, Member of the House of Lords and Chairman of Hong Kong Association, Lord Powell, Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council and Stephen Perry, Chairman of 48-Group Club. as well as Miss Sarah Wu Director-General of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) in London and overseas Chinese in UK were invited to attend the reception.

In her speech, Ambassador Fu Ying emphasized that since the return of Hong Kong to the motherland, the Chinese central government has been unswervingly implementing the guidelines of "one country, two systems" "Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong" and "a high degree of autonomy", strictly handling affairs in accordance with the Basic Law. Hong Kong's social system, life style and legal system remain unchanged. With the improvement of political democracy of Hong Kong, Hong Kong people enjoy unprecedented democratic rights. The successful implementation of "one country, two systems" has been highly praised by all circles of Hong Kong and the international community. It also sets an example for all the countries around the world to settle problems left over by history in a peaceful manner.

Fu Ying said the central government has been caring for the development of Hong Kong. During the past ten years, the central government gave strong support to Hong Kong, for example, imposing zero tariff on Hong Kong's products to enter Chinese mainland in accordance with Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), realizing service and trade liberalization between Hong Kong and mainland, opening Hong Kong tourism market for mainland residents and encouraging mainland enterprises to go public in Hong Kong, etc. The volume of trade between the mainland and Hong Kong, with an increased of 14%, amounted to 166.17 billion US dollars in 2006. Up to now there have been 367 mainland enterprises list in Hong Kong. Tourists from mainland China to Hong Kong added up to 33.55 million. The economic and trade link between Hong Kong and mainland is becoming closer than ever.

Fu Ying mentioned it was Hong Kong SAR government that led Hong Kong people out of the shadow of Asian financial crisis successfully, coped with emergencies such as SARS and bird flu successfully and opened up the best economic prospect since the past 20 years. As Hong Kong's GDP grew with the rate of 6.9% in 2006, its per capita GDP reached 28,000 US dollars and import and export volume totaled 650 billion US dollars, raking 11th in the world. Nearly 4,000 foreign enterprises have established branches in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is universally accepted as one of the most free and competitive economies in the world. Hong Kong's position as a free port and center of international finance, trade and shipping is further consolidated. Facts have proved that Hong Kong SAR government has the capacity to lead Hong Kong people to administer Hong Kong affairs.

Finally, Ambassador Fu Ying mentioned the central government will as always care for and support Hong Kong and try its best to maintain the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. She wishes Hong Kong a brighter future.

A photograph exhibition titled "Hong Kong- A Metropolis of Wonders" was held at the reception. 25 photographs on display record various aspects of economic and social development of Hong Kong during the past 10 years after its return to the motherland.

Ambassador Fu Ying held an informal discussion with more than 30 representatives of Chinese nationals in UK prior to the reception. Representatives of overseas Chinese including Li Wenxing, President of Confederation of Chinese Associations in UK, Shan Sheng, President of UK Chinese Association for the Promotion of National Reunification, Zheng Jianwen Secretary-general of Confederation of Chinese Associations in UK and Chen Deliang , MP of Redbridge Borough of London The participants indicated that thanks to the successful implementation of "one country, two system" in Hong Kong, they can now celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong handover with a happy and proud heart which is totally different from that of 10 years ago. The central government cares for happiness and well-being of Hong Kong compatriots. The sustained and rapid economic development in mainland China creates more opportunities for Hong Kong. The participating overseas compatriots expressed their confidence in Hong Kong's future and expected Taiwan issue to be resolved as early as possible according to the model of "one country, two systems".