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Ambassador Fu Ying Called on Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis Sir Ian Blair

    Ambassador Fu Ying called on Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis Sir Ian Blair and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Geoffrey Bryan. They exchanged opinions on security cooperation for Olympic Games and other related issues.


    Sir Ian welcomed Fu Ying to take office and noted that Olympic cooperation is a good opportunity for London and Beijing, host cities of Olympic Games to achieve unity. UK has accumulated certain experiences in security work for large-scale public events, but in the complicated world, anti-terrorism issue brought about new challenges. He hoped to strengthen cooperation with China, learn from each other and share experiences. UK welcomes personal exchanges from China. Richard Geoffrey Bryan talked about his visit to China a week ago and was impressed by the changes and full preparations made by Beijing to greet the Olympic Games.


    Fu Ying said the Chinese government and all Chinese citizens are looking forward to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Attaching importance to cooperation with the next host UK, China hopes that relevant departments of the two countries will strengthen communication and cooperation and use each other's successful experience for reference so as to contribute to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


    With regard to the safety of Chinese citizens in the UK, Fu Ying mentioned that more and more Chinese students or visitors promote the economic exchange and mutual understanding, but give rise to some personal safety problems at the same time. China is grateful to the UK police for its substantial and effective work, hoping that it will continue caring for and safeguarding the safety of Chinese citizens in the UK. Fu Ying reminded the police of respecting Chinese traditional customs and cultural practices in dealing with the issues concerning Chinese citizens. Sir Ian promised to take it seriously and get the message across to the police stations at different levels.