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Chinese Ambassador to the UK Fu Ying Called On the Lord Mayor of London John Stuttard

H.E. Mme. Fu Ying called on the Lord Mayor of London John Stuttard on 17 May 2007. They held a warm and friendly conversation.

Lord Mayor John Stuttard firstly introduced the history and current situation of the City of London to Ambassador Fu. There are nearly 50 Chinese enterprises listed in London, a majority of which performed well; more Chinese enterprises are welcomed to go public for financing and the City of London will provide good service for them. Stuttard said China, possessing abundant funds, should plan to make foreign investments, and the UK, as a good choice for the Chinese enterprises to invest or go public, will play the role of a bridge for them to enter European market.The Chinese enterprises can work together with the British counterparts to explore business opportunities in other regions. Stuttard made comments on the Chinese stock market that the overheated Chinese stock market had drawn outside attention, the problem of excessively big gap between supply and demand should be resolved from the long-term perspective. Stuttard also expressed his wish to visit China this autumn.

H.E. Mme. Fu Ying thanked Stuttard for his introduction, pointing out that the economic and trade cooperation between China and UK has been developing smoothly in recent years, and the foreign investments of Chinese enterprises progressed fast. Since the UK owns unique advantage in finance and service, China hopes to strengthen the cooperation with the UK in these fields. H.E. Mme. Fu Ying also introduced the economic situation and political reform in China.