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The All-Party Parliamentary China Group Gave a Welcome Dinner for Ambassador Fu Ying

On 9 May, the All-Party Parliamentary China Group gave a welcome dinner for Ambassador Fu Ying. Chairman Ben Chapman MP, Vice Chairman Clement Jones, Lord Cote, other members of the China Group were present. Representatives from the City of London, China-Britain Business Centre and 48 Group Club also attended the diner.

Chapman expressed warm welcome to Ambassador Fu Ying to take office on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary China Group. He mentioned that the China Group is one of the biggest MP groups of the Parliament, having over 460 members of House of Lords and House of Commons with great interest in China. In recent years, the China Group held more and more activities in various forms. The China Group had conducted all-dimensional and multi-domain contact with China's National People's Congress (NPC), including exchange visits between the Parliament and NPC, MPs and NPC members as well as between the executive branches, covering the fields of education, technology and environment, etc. Thanks to the support of the Chinese Embassy, the serial forums of "The Influence of Chinese Economic Development on the UK" held by the China Group scored success this year. The All-Party Parliamentary China Group was looking forward to strengthening cooperation with the Chinese Embassy to push forward the friendly communication and cooperation between British and Chinese governments and UK Parliament or NPC.

H.E. Mme. Fu Ying expressed her gratefulness to Chairman Chapman and the China Group. She said she was impressed by the friendship of British friends towards China, and was touched by the enthusiasm of the China Group towards China and herself. She was confident about the further development of Sino-UK relations, and expected to deepen the friendship and cooperation with the British people from all walks of life in the future.

H.E. Mme. Fu Ying noted that the UK is a developed economy with a leading position in the fields of high-tech, finance and service, of which China can draw on the successful experiences. In recent years, the Sino-UK relations developed smoothly, the cooperation in various fields deepened continuously, especially on education, technology, finance and service, which were mutually complementary with huge potentials. Numerous Chinese students come to the UK each year to learn both the expertise and the British culture. After returning to China, they become not only the talents in all trades and professions, but the ones to support and promote the Sino-UK friendship. After the full development for many years, a successful mechanism of finance and service industries has been established in the UK, and London has become the international financial center. Having just made a start in these fields, however, China would not miss the opportunity to learn from UK, and the British friends, undoubtedly, would seize the great opportunity to expand cooperation with China in finance and services towards the realization of a mutual beneficial and win win situation to realize the mutual benefit and win-win.

H.E. Mme. Fu Ying had a very high opinion of the active role played by the China Group in Sino-UK relations. She said the China Group has made great endeavors to improve the mutual understanding, trust and communication between UK Parliament and NPC and the two peoples, and is an important partner of the Chinese Embassy. The seminar of China Goes Global held by the China Group in partnership with Trade and Industry Committee of the Parliament proved highly effective, improving all British circles' understanding of China and Sino-UK relations. Recently the Vice Chairman of the Commission of Legislative Affairs, Standing Committee of the NPC Xin Chunying attended the 3rd seminar, and expressed his appreciation for the active, amicable and objective atmosphere of the seminar and was deeply impressed by the British people's solicitude and friendly attitude towards China. The Chinese Embassy would continue cooperating with the China Group to promote the association between UK Parliament and NPC and push the friendship between the two countries as well as UK Parliament and NPC to a new height.

H.E. Mme. Fu Ying also mentioned that UK is a country of rich accretion of culture and history, and was one of those western countries come into contact with the People's Republic of China early in the history. She recently received a 16-volume of the Compiled British Illustrations, one of the 500 precious gifts for Emperor Qianlong presented by the envoy Lord Macartney sent by British King George III in 1792, which comprehensively reflected the British life 200 years ago and expressed the wish of the British King to develop friendly relations with China. Despite the matter of regret happened afterwards, the gifts from the British King were collected in China. In retrospect, the current friendly relations between China and the UK were worth of cherishing. She was discussing with the British Museum on exhibiting these books for the purpose of conveying a message: China will develop the relations with the outside world with an amicable, active and confident attitude.

Chairman Chapman and MP Byers both agreed with Ambassador Fu Ying. They appreciated the amicability, relaxation and joy in Fu's speech, which clearly delivered the desire of China to promote Sino-UK relations and UK parliament and China's NPC; they proposed that Ambassador Fu Ying find time to meet the members of the China Group and visit their electoral wards; they are looking forward to reinforcing the cooperation with the Chinese Embassy and exploring new way to push forward Sino-UK relations. They all expressed their wish to enjoy the Compiled British Illustrations as soon as possible.