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The Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in the UK Held a Briefing of "China Now" for Chinese Enterprises

The Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in the UK held a briefing of "China Now" for Chinese enterprises in the UK on 11 May. Counsellor Jiang Fan attended the event and addressed the participants.


Counsellor Jiang Fan notes that "China Now" is a large-scale event sponsored by well-known British business groups including HSBC to present the contemporary China to the British public. From February to July of 2008, over 200 varied and colourful series of activities will be held throughout UK, displaying China's development in arts, culture, technology, education, sports and commerce. This event is designed to further improve the quality of Sino-UK cooperation and serve as a platform for Chinese enterprises to present and promote themselves. Counsellor Jiang Fan points out that both the Chinese and British governments attach great importance to "China Now" and she expects the Chinese enterprises in the UK to find out their best platform by learning and participating in the activities. The Chinese Embassy in the UK will spare no efforts in working together with the British friends to facilitate "China Now" to achieve the desired results.  


Mr. Simon Heale, Chief Executive Officer of "China Now", gave a detailed introduction of the event. Representatives from more than 30 Chinese institutions in the UK attended the briefing.