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·  Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the UK to Issue Two-year Multi-entry Visas to British Nationals        ·  Changes of "Guidelines for Visa Applications"        ·  New version of Visa Application Form comes into use from Sep. 1st 2013       
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· Ambassador Liu Xiaoming: CPC Congress spirit spreads to the UK(2017-11-22)
· Ambassador sees new chapter of China-UK cooperation(2017-11-22)
· Ambassador urges Britain to be ready(2017-11-09)
· Key CPC congress brings Chinese wisdom, opportunities to world: ambassador(2017-11-08)
· CPC congress outlines China's world commitment: Chinese ambassador to Britain(2017-10-27)
· Ambassador Liu Xiaoming: CPC Congress outlines China's global commitment(2017-10-27)
· Chinese ambassador urges China, Britain to turn cooperation potential into success(2017-09-26)
· Embracing a more promising future(2017-09-26)
· Fashion meets traditional Chinese craft at UK show(2017-09-13)
· Chinese ambassador calls for deepened China-UK cultural cooperation(2017-09-12)
· China's ambassador to the UK: Beijing is not the key to DPRK crisis(2017-09-09)
· Ambassador receives honorary degree(2017-09-07)
· China sees bright future with UK(2017-09-01)
· Investment in UK is a 'vote of confidence'(2017-09-01)
· BRICS summit is of great significance: Chinese diplomat(2017-09-01)
· Ambassador to UK says Chinese investment opportunity not threat(2017-08-22)
· Chinese investment in the UK is an opportunity not a threat(2017-08-22)
· China's military progress dedicated to international peace and stability(2017-07-28)
· Culture of West China on show in London(2017-07-24)
· UK discovers a passion for west China experience(2017-07-21)
· UK to get insight into the vibrant west side of nation(2017-07-21)
· UK is key partner on Belt & Road(2017-07-10)
· Chinese ambassador gives BBC interview on 20th anniversary of Hong Kong handover(2017-07-03)
· Investors hear more about opportunities offered by China(2017-06-16)
· Chinese envoy hails relationship with UK and Europe, despite Brexit uncertainties(2017-06-16)
· Entrepreneurship to push China-Europe cooperation to new high: Chinese ambassador(2017-06-15)
· Chinese ambassador calls for strengthened Sino-British film, TV exchanges(2017-06-07)
· Britain key partner of China in Belt and Road Initiative: ambassador(2017-06-06)
· Chinese envoy urges UK's young business leaders to boost Belt and Road(2017-06-06)
· Sports industry compared to 'gold mine'(2017-05-13)
· China will deepen cooperation with the UK in sports industry(2017-05-11)
· Chinese ambassador eyes British partnerships to boost nation's sport sector(2017-05-10)
· China's 'gold mine' sports industry presents huge opportunities(2017-05-10)
· Chinese envoy to UK says ties to UK are 'high, deep, hot and broad'(2017-04-19)
· Reception celebrates the 45 years of China-UK ambassadorial relations(2017-03-30)
· 45th Anniversary of Establishment of China-UK Ambassadorial Relations(2017-03-29)
· Ambassador Liu Xiaoming: 'Britain is helping us build a new Silk Road'(2017-03-14)
· Chinese ambassador hails Britain's role in building new Silk Road(2017-03-14)
· Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the APPCG Chinese New Year Reception(2017-02-01)
· Ambassador Liu Xiaoming: Belt and Road Initiative adds new momentum for China-UK cooperations(2017-01-30)
· Speech by H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the 'Icebreakers' Chinese New Year Dinner(2017-01-24)
· No indulgence for oath-denying legislators-elect in Hong Kong(2016-11-22)
· Chinese ambassador to Britain slams nation-insulting legislators-elect in Hong Kong(2016-11-22)
· Chinese ambassador to Britain slams nation-insulting legislators-elect in Hong Kong(2016-11-22)
· Chinese ambassador predicts growing ties with UK(2016-09-28)
· Chinese diplomat calls for enhanced China-UK investment cooperation(2016-09-02)
· Ambassador: China, UK can seize opportunities for change at G20(2016-09-02)
· Full text of Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming's article published by Financial Times(2016-08-09)
· Special Anglo-Chinese play celebrates playwrights Tang and Shakespeare(2016-08-04)
· Feature: Master pieces by Shakespeare, Tang Xianzu performed at Leeds University(2016-08-04)
Ambassador Liu Xiaoming: CPC Congress spirit spreads to the UK
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