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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Donation Ceremony of China-UK Charity Initiative: Love Leads Us Forward Hand in Hand

Vice Minister Qin Gang,

Lord Mayor Alderman Russell,

Chairman Fang Wenjian,

Party Secretary Jin Hongjiang,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is a real delight to join you to witness this on-line donation ceremony by the China-UK Charity Initiative to help build a medical clinic in Daluo Village, Zhemi Town, Jinping County, Yunnan Province of China.

Let me begin by expressing my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to the Chinese and British business communities, including the Lord Mayor's Appeal team and the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK. Thank you for working so hard to make this happen.

In the past nearly two years since its launch, the China-UK Charity Initiative has played an active part in supporting charity works in both China and the UK.

2020 is the year that China has set the goal of eliminating absolute poverty despite the challenge from Covid-19. Against this background, today's donation by the China-UK Charity Initiative for building public health facilities in Jinping County bears three-fold significance:

First, it is a valuable support for China's efforts to eliminate absolute poverty.

For 28 years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has provided targeted assistance to two poorest counties in Yunnan Province, Jinping and Malipo.

Not long ago, these two counties were officially taken off the poverty list. That was an important achievement. However, it remains a daunting task to consolidate this result. As President Xi Jinping said at the symposium on poverty reduction in March this year, walking out of poverty is not an end in itself but the beginning of a new life and a pursuit for a new dream.

This charity project is aimed at improving medical care for local villagers and helping reduce poverty for the local community. This is a new way to cement the outcome of poverty reduction. And it helps foster an enabling environment for the local people to start a new life.

Going forward, China and the UK could explore new ways to reduce poverty, such as supporting industrial development, developing education and building better livelihood. I am sure that, in this process, the China-UK Charity Initiative will have a bigger role to play

Second, this charity project is a new highlight in China-UK joint response to Covid-19.

Since the outbreak, our two countries have supported each other and engaged in close cooperation. The business communities of both countries have actively donated funds and supplies. The City of London and CCCUK hosted a joint event in support of China's counter-virus efforts. CCCUK has also encouraged Chinese businesses here in the UK to donate urgently-needed supplies, such as ventilators and PPEs, to the UK side.

This charity project we are marking today will provide medical and epidemic prevention services to more than 2,400 local villagers. It is a demonstration of the profound friendship between China and the UK. It is a showcase of our joint response to Covid-19. It is also a vivid illustration of our shared commitment to building a global community of health.

Third, this charity project provides new impetus for China-UK friendly cooperation.

When Brexit is done and Covid-19 is over, China and the UK will continue deepening cooperation in areas such as financial services, trade and investment. We will be working to safeguard the unobstructed global industrial and supply chains. And this will help both of us in getting our respective economies back on track again.

The City of London has been a pioneer in China-UK cooperation. This health care project in Jinping County by the China-UK Charity Initiative demonstrates once again the sense of responsibility of the City of London and the Chinese and British business communities. It testifies to the determination and confidence of our two countries in deeper bilateral cooperation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a Chinese saying goes,

"A thousand-mile journey starts with tiny steps;

A vast ocean begins with small trickles."

Lauding the same spirit of persistence, the British people say,

"Many a little makes a mickle."

I am confident that, wherever poverty strikes, the China-UK Charity Initiative will pool the efforts of both countries to make new and greater contribution to China-UK cooperation and international collaboration on reducing poverty and promoting economic and social progress.

Thank you!

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