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Ambassador Zheng Zeguang on the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Communist Party of China Central Committee (part 4): China’s Democracy and China’s Development Are at the Best Time Ever
2021-12-01 01:42

On November 23, Ambassador Zheng Zeguang pointed out during the online Symposium on the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Communist Party of China Central Committee that some anti-China elements have recently started a new disinformation and containment campaign against China. They refuse to recognize China’s development and progress, and keep pointing fingers at China. They distort the concept of democracy to discredit China’s political system, take advantage of issues including Taiwan, Xinjiang and human rights to interfere in China’s internal affairs. Their wrong words and actions mislead the public in the West and severely disrupt the relations between China and the relevant countries.

Ambassador Zheng said democracy means people being the master of their country. It is not for show, but should be able to address real problems of real people. Democracy is also the common value of mankind, but it can take different forms according to different national conditions. There are ample facts that show one model or one size does not fit all. The people of a country are best positioned to judge whether their country is democratic or not. Rejecting a democratic system only because it takes a different form is in itself not democratic. Currently, some people in the US are putting together a so-called “Summit for Democracy”. As things stand, this is in essence aimed at creating division and confrontation along the ideological line. This would go against and trample on the spirit of democracy and will be rejected by the people of world. China urges the US side to follow through with their statement of not waging a new Cold War, not seeking conflict and confrontation, and not supporting “Taiwan independence”.

Ambassador Zheng noted that since the 18th National Congress, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has stayed committed to the path of political development under socialism with Chinese characteristics, and blazed the trail of whole-process people’s democracy. China’s whole-process democracy integrates election, consultation, social governance and grassroots and citizens’ democracy. It is an all-dimensional and full-coverage democracy, and it is the broadest, most genuine and most effective socialist democracy, because it effectively guarantees that the people of the whole country can govern state affairs through various means and ways in accordance with the law. China’s achievements in development and the Chinese people’s firm support for the CPC are proof enough that China’s democracy works and China’s development is at its best time ever.

Ambassador Zheng emphasized that those elements who are trying to smear and contain China are doomed to failure. Their actions not only run against the interests of the Chinese people, but also undermine the fundamental interests of their own citizens. What they do or say will only further expose their hidden agenda and hypocrisy before the international community. And because of that, the Chinese people will rally even more closely around the CPC, keep to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and continue to achieve new success.

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