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Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Talks about Sino-US Trade Disputes: Win-win Cooperation is the Only Right Path toward a Better Future

On September 19, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming attended the Annual Commonwealth Diplomats Induction Programme and delivered a speech. He talked about Sino-US Trade Disputes, pointing out that some country is bent on “putting itself first”, advocating unilateralism and protectionism, wielding the “tariffs baton” and threatening other countries with “trade wars”. This has posed severe challenges to the world economic order and the multilateral trade regime. He said,

“Yesterday, despite the opposition at home and abroad, the US government announced that it would impose 10% of additional tariffs on $200 billion worth of imported Chinese goods starting from 24 September, and that it was preparing for further tariff escalations. China is now forced to take counter-measures in order to safeguard its lawful rights and interests and uphold free trade in the world.”

“I want to reiterate this: What China has achieved since the introduction of reform and opening up policies are attributable to the hard work of the Chinese people. The fundamental reason for China's success is that we have found the right path for development. The ‘China miracle’ is created by the Chinese people. It is not a result of "stealing" others' wealth or technology. Nor is it a result of being bullied. We would not have come so far had we feared threats. We do not create trouble, but we are not afraid of it. The so-called ‘maximum pressure’ will never intimidate the Chinese people into submission.”

“The US actions are deeply rooted in the belief of ‘zero-sum game’ and ‘beggar-thy-neighbour’ which are completely out of date. They are a far cry from China’s world view, how China sees international cooperation and development, and how China defines winning and losing. Earlier this year I have published six articles in British media on the trade disputes between China and the US. In these articles, I have stressed the importance of upholding the rule-based international order; I have illustrated why win-win cooperation is the only right path toward a better future.”

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