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· Embassy works with Office of the Mayor of London to host Olympic photography exhibition(2008-11-26)
· Minister Counselor Zhang Lirong Received Book from British War Veteran(2008-11-24)
· The Chinese Embassy in London held Annual Icebreakers' Reception(2008-11-24)
· Ambassador Fu Ying Visits The Independent(2008-11-24)
· Ambassador Fu Ying Talks with British Female Diplomats(2008-11-24)
· Ambassador Fu Ying on "China's Post-Olympic Relations with the West"(2008-11-17)
· Ambassador Fu Ying and her Husband Visited Richard Spring's Constituency(2008-11-17)
· Chinese Diplomat Held Discussions with Faculty and Students of Merton College(2008-11-17)
· Chinese Embassy Holds National Day Reception to Celebrate the 59th Anniversary of the Founding of The People’s Republic of China(2008-10-24)
· Ambassador Fu Ying Visits Rolls-Royce(2008-10-24)
· Launch of Joseph Needham's Biography in Britain(2008-10-24)
· Communication and Understanding can Bring down all Barriers(2008-10-24)
· The Chinese Embassy Holds Reception for the Closing of Olympics and Paralympics(2008-10-24)
· The Chinese Embassy Holds National Day Reception for Overseas Chinese to Celebrate the 59th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China(2008-10-24)
· Future for Local Cooperation between China and Britain Bright(2008-10-24)
· Ambassador Fu Ying Attends National Day Celebration Held by Chinese Community in Britain(2008-10-14)
· Post-Olympic China: Partner or Challenge?(2008-10-14)
· The Chinese Embassy Held China Forum at Labour Party Conference(2008-10-14)
· The Chinese Embassy holds Reception to mark Opening of the Beijing Olympic Games(2008-09-18)
· Display the Charm of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Benefit of Chinese and British People(2008-09-18)
· Defense Attaché at the Chinese Embassy Holds Reception to Mark the 81st Anniversary of the Founding of PLA(2008-09-18)
· British Young Man Completes Charity Walk(2008-09-18)
· Daily Telegraph Editor-in-Chief Wishes Beijing Olympics a Complete Success(2008-09-18)
· Chinese Ambassador Fu Ying Met with Minister of State Liam Byrne(2008-09-18)
· Ambassador Fu Ying Holds a Send-off Reception for Alex Hua Tian(2008-09-18)
· Traditional Chinese Medicine Makes its Debut at British Parliament(2008-09-18)
· Minister Chen Xiaodong Attends ACFPU Reception(2008-09-18)
· China Design Now Special Show for Diplomatic Corps(2008-09-18)
· The Eventful Years—Memoirs of Chen Jinhua (English Version) Launches in London(2008-09-18)
· Beijing Olympic Games Photo Exhibition Opens at London City Hall(2008-09-18)
· Chinese Embassy Holds Reception to Celebrate the Olympics(2008-09-10)
· Ambassador Fu Ying Accepts Honorary PhD Degree at University of Kent(2008-09-10)
· Chinese Diplomats at Beijing Olympics Day at St. George’s School(2008-09-10)
· Bringing out the best in us(2008-09-05)
· Epigraph for European Times by Ambassador Fu Ying(2008-08-18)
· The Chinese Embassy holds Reception to mark Opening of the Beijing Olympic Games(2008-08-18)
· The Chinese Embassy and Consulate General Concerned About Murder of Two Chinese(2008-08-18)
· Ambassador Fu Ying's Remarks at Reception for the Opening of Beijing Olympics at Chinese Embassy(2008-08-14)
· Ambassador Fu Ying's Interview with BBC Radio 5 Live(2008-08-07)
· This is a Time of Celebration in China(2008-08-07)
· TCM Week(2008-07-16)
· Charge d'Affairs Zhang Lirong Attends Annual Event of Yorkshire(2008-07-07)
· Summer Tea Party held Successfully(2008-07-07)
· Charge d'Affairs Zhang Lirong Thinks there is a Broad Prospect for Technology Cooperation between China and UK(2008-07-07)
· Charge d'Affairs Zhang Lirong attends 2008 Summit of IPRA(2008-07-07)
· Wenchuan has the West Rethink China(2008-07-07)
· TCM Week coming to London soon(2008-06-27)
· Explanation on Earthquake Donations(2008-06-13)
· Tea brings Friendship(2008-06-13)
· It takes time, perseverance and patience to bridge gap of understanding between East and West.(2008-06-12)
Embassy works with Office of the Mayor of London to host Olympic photography exhibition

Londoners and visitors to the capital are invited to view an exhibition this week documenting the cultural links between Beijing and London.

Beijing to London: the flame lives on is a joint venture between the Mayor's office and the Chinese Embassy, taking place between 24 and 27 November and is being hosted by the London Development Agency (LDA) and Transport for London (TfL).

The exhibition documents the preparation for and delivery of the Beijing Games, plus Team China and Team GB's performances - as well as our own preparations for London 2012.

Deputy Mayor, Ian Clement said:

"I was privileged to represent the Mayor at the opening of this summer's Olympic Games in Beijing and we are delighted to support this exhibition, which celebrates the special link between Beijing and London as successive Olympic and Paralympic host cities. The Beijing Games were wonderful to see at first hand and this exhibition is a tribute to the extraordinary achievements of Team GB, Team China and all international athletes. Both London and Beijing are committed to using this common bond to further strengthen and deepen our already excellent relationship."

The exhibition will be enjoyed by those interested in both Chinese and British Olympic triumphs and will symbolise the passing of the Olympic Games, and its legacy, from Beijing to London.

The photographs at the exhibition will depict spectacular moments of the Beijing Games – the opening and closing ceremonies in the infamous Bird's Nest, as well as various performances and action-shots of the participating athletes.

Event details

Dates: Monday 24 November to Thursday 27 November
From Beijing to London: the flame lives on
Venue: Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8AA
Photographic exhibition, organised in conjunction with the Chinese Embassy, featuring striking images from the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing. The exhibition is free.

For media enquiries, please contact Sarita Bhatia at the LDA Media Team on 020 7593 8087; for public enquiries, please call 020 7593 9000; for out of hours media enquiries, please call 07977 439 371.

Notes to editors

The London Development Agency aims to improve the quality of life for all Londoners - working to create jobs, develop skills and promote economic growth.

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