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Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on China Strengthening Corporate Regulation

Question: Recently we have noticed volatility in the market and concerns from international investors caused by China’s series of regulations and rules targeting technological and on-line education companies as well as US-listed Chinese companies. What is your comment on that?

Embassy Spokesperson: The investment and operation of enterprises in China are regulated in accordance with relevant laws and rules in order to provide Chinese and foreign enterprises with a fair, just and non-discriminatory environment.

The newly introduced policies and regulations target those activities which violate the laws and rules, disrupt normal economic activities, cause damage to public interests and pose threat to national security. The purpose is to balance development and security, improve laws and rules, regulate market and business operations, and promote a healthy economic development.

Reform and opening-up is China's basic national policy and will continue to be advanced unswervingly. China is fostering a new development paradigm which is not a closed domestic cycle but an open dual circulation connecting the domestic and international markets.

We will continue to advance opening-up at a higher level and balance development and security. There will be more pragmatic opening-up measures and greater efforts to create a business environment that is market-oriented and law-based and follows international practice. Equal treatment will apply to all market entities, including foreign companies.

China’s market is open to cooperation partners from all countries. Foreign enterprises and investors are welcome to set up businesses in China and share in the significant opportunities brought by China's development and opening-up.

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