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Financial Times publishes Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Letter on its Article about China's Nuclear and Defence Policy

An article recently published by Financial Times contains deliberate distortion on China’s nuclear and defence policy. In rebuttal to the wrong arguments in the article, the spokesperson of Chinese Embassy has written a letter to the newspaper, of which Financial Times published the primary part on 25 August. The full text of the letter is as follows:

The article entitled “China’s worrying build-up of missile silos” published on August 12 contains groundless speculation and deliberate distortion on China's nuclear and defence policy, which we strongly oppose.

China has always been committed to a national defence policy that is defensive in nature and a nuclear strategy of self-defence, and honoured its commitment that it will neither be the first to use nuclear weapons, nor use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear-weapon states or nuclear-weapon-free zones. Its nuclear capabilities are kept at the minimum level required for national security. Committed to the path of peaceful development, China has never participated and will never participate in any nuclear arms race. Under the current international situation, China’s development and maintenance of limited nuclear capability is necessary not only for safeguarding its own national security, but also for deterring nuclear warfare and upholding world peace and stability.

China advocates the ultimate complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons, and is ready to strengthen communication and coordination with all parties on a wide range of issues concerning global strategic stability within existing multilateral frameworks including the United Nations, the mechanism of five nuclear-weapon states and the Conference on Disarmament. China’s nuclear strategy and policy contribute to global strategic stability and help reduce risks.

As the two countries with the largest and most advanced nuclear arsenals in the world, the United States and Russia bear special and primary responsibility for nuclear disarmament, and should follow international consensus by earnestly implementing existing treaties on reducing nuclear weapons and further drastically and substantively reducing their nuclear stockpile, so as to enable other nuclear countries to join multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations towards the goal of complete and thorough nuclear disarmament. However, the recent years have seen the US keep investing heavily in upgrading its "nuclear triad", developing low-yield nuclear weapons, lowering the threshold for using nuclear weapons and advancing the deployment of missile defence systems. These actions have severely undermined global strategic stability.

Furthermore, some people in the US have been playing up the so-called “China’s military and nuclear threat” and “nuclear arms race between the US, Russia and China”, hyping the so-called “trilateral arms control negotiation” to divert the attention of the international community, shirk its own responsibility for nuclear disarmament and seek predominant military supremacy. China is firmly against it. Given the huge gap between the nuclear arsenals of China and those of the US and Russia, it is unfair, unreasonable and impractical to ask China to join any trilateral arms control negotiation. China will not participate in such negotiation and will never accept any coercion or blackmail.

As a socialist country committed to peaceful development with an independent peaceful foreign policy and peace-loving tradition, China resolutely pursues a national defence policy that is defensive in nature. It will never seek hegemony, territorial expansion or spheres of influence. Since its founding, the People’s Republic of China has never started a single war or occupied any territory of other countries. Just as we will not lay our hands on other countries’ territory, we will never allow even an inch loss of our territory inherited from our ancestors. China develops its national defence and military forces solely for the purpose of safeguarding the country’s sovereignty, security and development interests. This is neither aimed at nor posing any threat to any countries.

The Chinese side urges your newspaper to abide by the professional ethics of journalism, discard ideological bias, and report in a comprehensive and objective manner in accordance with the principle of fair and balanced reporting, instead of becoming a tool of a certain country to suppress and bully other nations.

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