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Embassy Spokesperson's Comment on UK House of Commons Motion on Boycotting Winter Olympics

Question: The UK House of Commons recently passed a non-binding motion by voting on the voices that calls on the UK government to refuse to send representatives to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. What is the comment of the Chinese Embassy?

Embassy Spokesperson: The passing of the motion tabled by an individual member of UK parliament that calls for a boycott of Winter Olympics is clearly an act of politicizing sports. It is contrary to the Olympic spirit and the Olympic movement. It is also disrespectful to the British athletes and athletes around the world. We are firmly opposed to such irresponsible behavior.

The accusations leveled at China by the inventors of this motion are based on complete disinformation. The fact is, Xinjiang-related issues have nothing to do with human rights, religion or ethnic groups. There is no "genocide", "detention camp" or "forced labour" in Xinjiang. The Chinese government has been taking measures in accordance with the law to combat terrorism, radicalism and separatism. Thanks to these efforts, Xinjiang has achieved social stability and sustained development. All ethnic groups in the region, like in other part of China, enjoy full rights and freedoms, and their languages, cultures and customs are well preserved.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games represent another important contribution that China will make to the international Olympic movement. Winter sports lovers worldwide are looking forward to these events. The preparations for the Games are making good progress and have been highly recognized by the international community, including the IOC. With the concerted efforts of every member of the Olympic family, we have every confidence that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be a splendid event.

We urge the relevant UK MPs to stop playing despicable political games, stop demonising China and refrain from standing on the opposite side of athletes and winter sports lovers across the world. It will be self-defeating for them to continue down this road.

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