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Embassy Spokesperson's Letter to The Economist on its article on China's handling the Covid-19

Chaguan made groundless accusations against China’s handling of covid-19 by once again referring to cover-ups and blaming China for the outbreak (October 17th). The Chinese government and people took swift action to control the disease, making enormous sacrifices. The country managed to contain the rapid spread of the virus in just over a month. In about two months, the daily increase in domestic cases fell to single digits. Meanwhile, a decisive victory was secured in Wuhan, once the hardest-hit Chinese city, in just about three months. Sporadic outbreaks have been contained.

Acting with transparency and responsibility, China has been releasing pandemic-related information in a timely manner. China informed the WHO and the international community of the outbreak, and was the first to release the genome sequence of the virus and the first to share information on control and treatment. Because of our strict prevention and control measures, China prevented hundreds of thousands of infections, containing and slowing down the spread of covid-19.

China supports a review into the outbreak of this new disease led by the WHO at an appropriate time in order to promote international co-operation on health. When such challenges arise again, the world will be better equipped to safeguard life.

But there was no cover-up. There was no delay. China’s record is clean. It will stand the test of time and history.

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