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Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Wrong Remarks on Cyber Attacks

Question: There is a media report that “hacking groups linked to China” disrupted the system of a UK company, targeted technical companies in the UK and the US that held patent data, and compromised the systems of EU Governments, What is the comment of the Chinese Embassy in the UK?

Embassy Spokesperson: The Chinese government is a staunch defender of cybersecurity. We firmly oppose and fight all forms of cyber attacks and cyber crimes. Given the virtual nature of cyberspace and the fact that there are all kinds of online actors who are difficult to trace, I must underscore the importance to have enough evidence when investigating and identifying cyber-related incidents. Groundless speculations must stop. Prism and other similar cases have proved that the US has been conducting cyber thefts of the largest scale around the world. The US accusing other countries of cyber attacks is like a thief crying "stop the thief". Safeguarding peace and stability of cyber space serves the common interests of all countries. The cyber space shouldn't be turned into a political battlefield.

China’s achievements in scientific and technological innovation are not something we stole or forcibly took from others; they were earned through self-reliance and hard work. In 2019, about 59,000 IP applications were filed from China via WIPO's Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) System, achieving an annual growth rate of 10.6%, and making China the biggest source of international patent application filings. China has become a major innovator and IPR holder in the world.

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