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Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Wrong Remarks of a British Politician on Cyber Attacks

Question: Today, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed that the UK side is deeply concerned by the evidence announced by the US that China is engaged in malicious cyber attacks against commercial, medical and academic institutions; the UK will continue to work with its allies to deter further malicious activity around the world. What is the comment of the Chinese Embassy in the UK?

Embassy Spokesperson: China is a firm defender of cyber security. It is also one of the main victims of cyber thefts and attacks. China has always strongly opposed and firmly struck down upon cyber attacks and thefts in any form in accordance with law. The above remarks of the UK side are sheer groundless speculations and have no credible evidence. The Chinese side is gravely concerned about and strongly opposes such extremely irresponsible remarks, and asks the UK side to immediately stop its slanders and attacks on China.

China is leading the world in R&D of Covid-19 vaccine. Thanks to our top researchers and advanced technology, China's independently-developed vaccines have been put into clinical test. It is absurd to assume that a country in the leading position should need to resort to theft nor has China ever done so. Moreover, the slanders by the US and the accusations of the UK constitute a complete disrespect for the hard efforts of Chinese scientists and malicious vilification against the achievements of China in the fight against Covid-19. They could also gravely undermine international cooperation on R&D of vaccine and global joint response to the pandemic. The world must firmly oppose and reject such groundless claims.

In fact, some media reports have revealed that the United States have frequently launched "cyber wars" against other countries. This is the gravest threat to the peace and security in the global cyber space. China stands ready to enhance dialogue and cooperation with the rest of the world to contribute to the efforts of striking down upon cyber crimes, safeguarding cyber security and building a more just and reasonable global governance system for cyber security.

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