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Embassy spokesperson's remarks on US secretary of state' s statement

Question: US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in the statement and twitter that China “browbeats HSBC” and “the United States stands with allies and ready to assist the UK” against China’s “coercive bullying tactics”. What is the comment of the Chinese Embassy in the UK?

Embassy Spokesperson: This year is the fifth anniversary of the China-UK “Golden Era”. China-UK relationship is standing at a new starting point. As members of the UN Security Council and two major countries with global influence, China and the UK shoulder the common responsibility of safeguarding world peace and development. Both countries are supportive of multilateralism and against unilateralism; both support free trade and oppose protectionism; both stand for openness and inclusiveness and reject “beggar-thy-neighbor" practice; and both are committed to win-win cooperation and object to “us-first” approach. China-UK cooperation benefits not only the two countries but also the world.

It is consistent position of China that in state-to-state relations, countries should follow the basic principle of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and non-interference in other's internal affairs. China neither coerces anyone nor fears coercion from anyone. As a Chinese saying goes, justice is in people’s heart. It is only too evident which country frequently coerces others, blatantly interferes in other countries’ domestic affairs and even orchestrates subversion of legal governments in other countries.

We believe that in the “post COVID-19 and post Brexit era”, China-UK relationship will be stronger, bilateral cooperation will be broader and the friendship between our peoples will be deeper.

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