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Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on Ofcom's decision of Investigation on CGTN

Question: Office of Communications (Ofcom) has just published its decision of investigation which indicates that 5 programmes of China Global Television Network (CGTN) in 2019 are in breach of Ofcom’s due impartiality rules. What is the comment of the Chinese Embassy in the UK?

Embassy Spokesperson: CGTN English Channel is a well established and professional international broadcaster, which has played an important role in reporting on China and its culture and deepening mutual understanding between the people of China and the UK in the 17 years since coming to the UK.

In all these years, CGTN has strictly complied with British laws and regulations, operated within the framework of Ofcom regulation, and followed professional ethics of journalism. Since the outburst of social turmoil last June, Hong Kong has seen sustained escalation of massive violence which pushed the city to the brink of an extremely dangerous situation. CGTN talked to members of the public in Hong Kong and broadcast the interviews to make their calls for an immediate end to violence and restoration of social order heard. These interviews, which are open, transparent and objective, are not only with all due cause but also highly necessary. They help the world see the full picture of what was happening in Hong Kong by giving voice to the silent majority.

It is our sincere hope that Ofcom, as an independent supervisory authority, would make an objective and comprehensive judgment on the basis of the principle of justice and fairness, and reconsider its decision concerning CGTN.

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