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Minister Zhu Qin Attends the Opening Dinner of the 12th Chinese Executive Leadership Programme
   On July 2, Minister Zhu Qin attended and addressed the Opening Dinner of the 12th Chinese Executive Leadership Programme (CELP) hosted by Trinity College, Cambridge. Nearly 90 guests were present, including Sir Gregory Paul Winter, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, Professor Peter Nolan, Director of the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge, Lord Sassoon, Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council, scholars from the University of Cambridge and the University of London, business leaders from HSBC, Linklaters, WPP and other multinational enterprises, and members of the CELP Delegation.

   Minister Zhu conveyed the warm welcome of H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming to all the members and thanked the University of Cambridge for the thoughtful organization and arrangement. He pointed out that, launched in 2005, CELP has become Cambridge's leading brand for closer exchange and cooperation with China. More than 250 senior managers and executives of Chinese companies have benefited from this programme. At present, China's reform and development is attracting worldwide attention. There are three major opportunities for Chinese companies "going global": First, the closer interaction between China and the world provides the opportunity for Chinese enterprises to enter the world market. China's economy is growing with a steady momentum, and China will further deepen the reform and open its door wider to the world to ensure a fair, transparent business environment. Second, the "Golden Era" of China-UK relations will create opportunities for Chinese enterprises to enter the UK market. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and the UK, and it is also a year for consolidating the "Golden Era" of China-UK ties. Despite of Brexit, the fundamentals of China-UK relations have remained unchanged. Closer China-UK cooperation will certainly provide more opportunity for Chinese companies investing in Britain. Third, the Belt and Road Initiative will help Chinese enterprises secure a firm foothold in their overseas operations. It not only drives the interconnected and innovative growth globally, it also facilitates Chinese companies going global. Britain as a key partner of the Belt and Road building has unmatched advantages in finance, law, creativity, risk control etc. Therefore, China and Britain have broad prospects for cooperation on the Belt and Road.
   In his speech, Professor Nolan expounded the impact of the international economic transformation on the world in the context of economic globalization, introduced the development of CELP since its establishment, and extended his sincere gratitude for the strong support from both China and Britain. Mr. Ju Weimin, Deputy General Manager of China Investment Corporation and Head of CELP, said in his speech that the in-depth development of China-UK relations would help the businesses between the two sides to have closer exchanges and cooperation and enhance the international competitiveness of the Chinese enterprises. All CELP members could expand their global perspectives through this training and further promote the process of internationalization of Chinese enterprises.

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   The Chinese Executive Leadership Programme of Cambridge University is co-hosted by the Development Research Centre of the State Council and the University of Cambridge and co-organized by the China Development Research Foundation and the Cambridge China Development Trust. CELP has had 11 classes since 2005. CELP 2017 consists of 22 senior managers and executives from large-scale Chinese enterprises engaged in manufacture, communication, energy, finance and aviation, etc.

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